February Workshop - Anouncement

The Nestgroup in association with the Amhara regional Government and the Embassy of Switzerland in Ethiopia are organizing a workshop to be held in Bahr Dar and Bura on February 20/21, 2013.

Topic: TOPYING-OUT Amhara model Town

Main objective: concluding the Amhara Model Town Implementation Phase I, opening- up the Amhara Model Town Implementation Phase II.


The efforts undertaken towards the building of Amhara Model Town (Kebele Center) in Implementation Phase 1 (2010-13) have led to important experiences and first lessons can be learned now. These lessons will not only guide the further construction of Buranest (Implementation phase II shall be taken at hand in spring 2013) but at the same time guide the replication of the process and construction in other Kebele Centers of Amhara Region.

In order to discuss the lessons to be learned, plan the steps to be undertaken in the future, and celebrate the end of the Implementation Phase I, and simultaneously, the beginning of the Implementation Phase II, a workshop is being organized in Bahir Dar on 20th February 2013 and a ceremony in Buranest Town Square on the 21st of February 2013. The two days recall the universally known ritual in the art of house and town building by the name of TOPPING- OUT.

Day One - the workshop - is meant to be an exchange of planning and technical issues between the Regional Authorities and Nestown Group, including the representatives of the different levels of Amhara government (Region, Zone, Woreda, Kebele), Nestown Group, ADA, BDU, ORDA, RUPI and invited guests from Ethiopia or abroad.